Hello, I’m Serena, a photographer, forager, student herbalist, and aspiring homesteader living in the Pacific Northwest. I love this land, the mountains, rivers, the abundant plants, fungi, and creatures that call it home. My favorite place to be is exploring the forest, camera ready and basket in hand, cultivating a deeper connection to the land.

I started Everyday Homestead to share my journey with friends and family. I hope to inspire others to reconnect with nature, to learn the abundance of the land, the wild food and medicine that nature offers, and to experience the healing that comes from a reciprocal, caring relationship with plants.

Follow along for my adventures in the forest, foraging guides, to learn to identify wild food and medicinal plants, and for plant-based recipes and remedies featuring wildcrafted and seasonal ingredients.

Find me on Instagram @serenahartwell if that’s your platform, where I share (somewhat) frequent content of my current projects, hiking adventures, and recipes. To see a portfolio of my work and to contact me for work visit